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Best Way to Use a Pelvic Floor Wand

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How to Use a Pelvic Floor Wand

Are you aware of the pelvic floor wand? When you are suffering from persistent pelvic pain, a pelvic wand may be just what you need. The ergonomic design of the pelvic wand can be compared to an extended finger. Studies have proven to ease the pain of bothersome Myofascial trigger points put in the vaginal or anus region.

A practical and safe pelvic health instrument, the pelvic wand has been adopted as standard practice by renowned pelvic floor physical therapists. You can use a pelvic wand at home to treat pain and relax muscles whenever you need it because it is simple to use. The wand is designed to find and release internal myofascial trigger points, and the design lets you regulate the pressure without injuring yourself.

This article will describe how to use a pelvic flood wand for recovering from pelvic pain. So, let’s get started.

How to Use a Pelvic Flor Wand

How to Use a Pelvic Floor Wand

A pelvic floor wand can be used in the following ways.

Get Your Pelvic Floor Wand Ready

Put the wand aside in a safe, comfortable, and peaceful part of your house, such as your bed, after washing it with warm water and soap.

Lie down and Relax

How to Use a Pelvic Floor Wand

Put your knees bent and feet on the ground while lying on your back. Some people prefer to lie on their side rather than their back. In this case, bend your knees and place a folded pillow between your knees to support your top leg.

Put on Some Lubricant

How to Use a Pelvic Floor Wand

The treatment end of the wand and the vaginal entrance should be lubricated with a substantial amount of water-based lubrication. Ensure that the wand is lubricated with a drug-free water-based lubricant. Often when you have pelvic pain, your vaginal walls become pretty sensitive, which can also assist with desensitization.

Select the End you Want to Use

How to Use a Pelvic Floor Wand

When used near the vaginal or rectum entry, the tip on the curved end effectively addresses trigger points. It is easier to reach deep, tender regions in the rectum or vagina with the longer, rounded End. Using the wand’s smooth end, place it into your vagina up to about 10cm from the first curve. You can imagine your pelvic floor as a clock, whose clitoris is at 12 o’clock and backchannel at 6 o’clock. 

Ideally, the wand handle should be in line with your opposite leg at 5 o’clock or 7 o’clock. It is advisable to avoid 11-1 o’clock and 5-7 o’clock for two reasons: your urethra is there, and your bowel is as well. So, they don’t need to be put under too much pressure.

Breathe Before You Begin

How to Use a Pelvic Floor Wand

Start by inhaling to expand your belly, then exhale and let your belly gradually contract. It is natural for the pelvic floor muscles to relax when breathing slowly. Repetition of the deep breathing pattern is necessary this time, but keep it calm and deliberate. Slowly insert the wand into the vaginal opening while exhaling the wand gently.

Sweep the End of the Pelvic Floor Wand Gently

Using the wand, swipe the End gently until you reach a delicate point. To find a tender point, crush the End of the wand gently into it with the same amount of force you use to examine how ripe the tomato is. Don’t crush your tomato by pressing it too hard, for example.

Apply Gentle Pressure

How to Use a Pelvic Floor Wand

Slowly move your bent leg left and right while maintaining moderate pressure on the tender point until the discomfort in your pelvic floor muscle is relieved. After finding this spot, stay there for 1 to 2 minutes to allow the tender point to release completely. Breathe deeply and keep doing so.

A Few Tips for Success

●      Use the Pelvic Floor Wand only if you do not have an infection or if your symptoms are getting worse. Don’t hesitate to contact your doctor or physiotherapist if you experience bleeding, severe discomfort, or prolonged pain! Perhaps you should schedule another session with your physiotherapist to learn how to use your wand correctly.

●      Make sure it is visible and kept clean by washing it with soap and water. It will tarnish if you use alcohol gel. To learn more, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.

●      Physiotherapists know the muscles in your body and can suggest other parts of your body for you to use the wand in.

To relieve your pelvic pain in the virginal area, you can also use vaginal tightening sticks beside the pelvic floor wand.

The most effective products available are Vagitight Vagina Rejuvenation Vaginal Tightening Stick and Vagitight Vagina Tightening Vaginal Rejuvenation Stick.

What Are the Benefits of Pelvic Floor Wand?

A pelvic wand is used to perform a delicate intra-pelvic massage, an internal therapeutic trigger point wand. You can gain the following benefits from it:

●      Urologic chronic pelvic pain syndrome patients may be able to relieve their tender pelvic muscles.

●      During this treatment, trigger points on the pelvic floor that feel tight, irritable, or painful are released.

●      Increasing the penetration of sexual interactions

●      Symptoms of anorgasmia are reduced (inability to produce orgasm)

●      Relief from anus or constriction of the vaginal area

●      Treatment in the privacy of your own home, without the need for outside assistance.

Stanford University School of Medicine conducted a study researching the use of pelvic floor wand. Pelvic wands proved to be effective even when traditional therapy failed to relieve chronic pelvic discomfort. The majority of individuals in the study who used a pelvic wand for at least six months showed a reduction in insensitivity.

Vaginal Tightening Treatment

Pelvic floor wand also proved to be a safe, effective treatment that can be done at home with only a minimal risk of transient bleeding for a few days. Using a pelvic floor physical therapist at home means that patients can duplicate the therapist’s work, saving them time and money.

The Takeaway

It is ideal for easing pelvic pain around the vaginal area to use Pelvic Floor Wand. However, to receive better feedback, you should follow the instructions above the article to avoid some of the worst scenarios. 

Hopefully, this article will be helpful to anyone seeking to relieve the pain in their pelvic muscles but does not know how to use a pelvic floor wand.

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